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Kid Movement Brings New Hope to Tacloban Schools

Kid Movement Brings New Hope to Tacloban Schools

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For Kids by Kids Kid Movement Brings New Hope to Tacloban Schools by: Melissa Andrea S. de Quiros It all started with kids’ vision to make a difference. They expressed their desire to save Mother Earth in the hopes of creating a world that would benefit the future generation. And that change is about to journey to typhoon Yolanda-stricken Tacloban. A group of empowered Filipino kids are on their way to give 2,000 recycled classroom chairs. This is the product of their first-ever mission dubbed, Project RecyClass. By collecting recycled packs, kids will bring to other children of the hard-hit province new hope.  With these new chairs, empowered kids can help other children to get back to school and learn to rise again. Launched in 2013, Project RecyClass was a nationwide recycling drive supported by the Department of Education (DepEd). It was born out of a survey conducted by Tang, the leading fruit powdered beverage brand in the Philippines that revealed saving the environment is the issue closest to kids’ hearts. The survey, done in the second quarter of 2013, explored the aspirations of the more than 95,000 young members of the Tang Galing Club. This is an online interactive community that promotes kid empowerment; helping inspire Filipino children to go and contribute positive change for the betterment of the society. “This project was able to prove that kids can actually uplift lives, if only empowered to do so. Now the road of empowerment leads us to Tacloban.  We are moved to witness how a kid-led movement is about to change lives by providing hope to the future of our country—our children,” said Alex Tacderas, Mondelez Philippines Category Lead for Powdered...

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