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Fourth Largest Mobile Operator in the World Partners with Local Tech Firm, Novare Technologies

Fourth Largest Mobile Operator in the World Partners with Local Tech Firm, Novare Technologies

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Novare Technologies, the Philippines’ leading technology consulting company,was recently awarded a contract by Bharti Airtel, the fourth largest mobile operator with more than 270 Million subscribers in 20 countries across the world. This deal is said to put Novare consultants at the heart of a transformational program envisioned to bring Airtel’s network assets closer to developer communities, strategic partners, large Internet players, and enterprise businesses. But beyond consulting, Novare is also expected to sign an additional set of services around application development and complementary customizations.The SmartAPI project starts off in India, and will then roll out across 20 other countries where Airtel has presence. “The SmartAPI project will expose key revenue triggers allowing innovative products and services to reach Airtel’s subscriber base.  This project creates a paradigm shift allowing business and technology solutions to creatively harness the adoption of data usage in their market,” explained Novare Technologies CEO Myla Villanueva. “By allowing more partners to gain access to once tightly guarded network assets, Airtelnow aims to level the playing field by giving its partners the freedom to innovate and introduce new products and sevices in a secure, regulated and monetizable manner,” she added. Novare’s experience in similar type projects was a key consideration for Airtel.asNovare has worked with global operators such as AT&T in the US, SK telekom, and KT in Korea, Telefonica in Spain, Vodafone in the UK, and Telecom Italia. According to Villanueva, the project is rolling out in multiple phases, the first being a technology on-boarding and deployment program. “Here, the technology platform provider, a solution piece awarded to Intel-Aepona, is integrated into Airtel’sdata and operations facilities. Business requirements are mapped to bring out the key attributes of the solution, and various internal departments are brought up-to-speed with the new business processes,” she said. Meanwhile, the next phase of the project is said to focus on the alignment, go to market, and business operations. “The business enablement program is one where strategic steps are now undertaken to target key partners and giving them access to emerging markets and paving the way for product and service monetization,” Villanueva added. A leading global telecommunications company, Airtel operates across Asia and Africa and is headquartered in New Delhi, India. Novare Technologies is...

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