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Group Capabilities

Backroom Support.Behind-the-scenes, competent account managers, writers, media relations officers, digital media specialists, and artists who will produce quality PR initiatives, media-related materials, and artworks.

Extensive Media Relations. Our varied skills and ability to maintain reasonably intimate contacts with people in the newspaper, TV, radio, digital, and advertising business. This will ensure wide and positive media exposure and coverage of clients’ programs and activities.

Expertise in Public Relations.  We have proven ourselves capable of handling the various public relations demands of growing and established companies and individuals.

Expertise in Crisis Management. Our vast experience in damage control shall be made available to manage any crisis situation that a client may be embroiled or dragged into. Our strong and harmonious relations with media shall ensure that bad publicity can be controlled, if not totally eliminated.

Senior Management Involvement. Senior members of Full Circle are involved hands-on in servicing clients. Depending on client’s primary needs, each of the senior staff is responsible for a set of clients and the corresponding team.

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